Club Penguin Moderator List

Mod List Club Penguin Moderator List

Ever wanted to know a whole heap of moderators, so that you can add them and talk to them in Club Penguin? Then now you can, as we have an extensive Club Penguin moderator list. It contains the famous moderators that work on all the videos and blog posts we enjoy, former famous moderators who you would have known at Club Penguin but also normal moderators that keep help out on the island. Make sure to add them all to your friends list!

Club Penguin Moderator List

Mod List Updated 30 Dec 13 Club Penguin Moderator List

This Club Penguin moderator list is constantly updated and we believe it is one of the most extensive Club Penguin moderator lists on the web! If you know a moderator which we have not yet posted about then you can tell us by leaving a comment. We’ll look into it and if that penguin really is a moderator, they will be added to the moderator list. Now all you need to do is log onto Club Penguin and add your new friends.


  1. Hiya guys its me Cadence!Cant ya wait for the Hollywood party?IM ALMOST DONE WITH THE CAMARAS AND RED CARPETS!!!!! But gary is helping me with the Limos cuz he has the right BATTERY!

  2. This is the best Mod list out there! This is also the most accurate website! I’ve visited some that say only 5 of these!

    • You have to be over 18. If you want to know more email Club Penguin ([email protected]) and ask them.

  3. To club penguin moderators: jordanco35 is calling really mean names and is telling everyone their a prince diva. What do I do?

    • Report him on Club Penguin and contact the Club Penguin support team ([email protected]) – We are not moderators.

  4. I Have An Important Question, Why Do You Have To Be Over 18 To Become A Moderator? If You Cannot Reply In The Comments, If You Could Can You Email Me The Answer? It’s [email removed]

  5. Will you add me if I send you a friend request?
    If so that would mean a lot to me
    Thank you for your super moderator list!

  6. I think that the penguin ‘Han Solo’ might be a moderator too because it has all the pins and full member badge and is online every day on abominable

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